About Westell Technologies, Inc.

Based in Aurora, Illinois, Westell Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance wireless infrastructure solutions. We specialize in innovating at the edge of wireless communication networks, where end users connect. Our mission is to empower service providers and network operators with our comprehensive product range. We’ve earned trust worldwide with millions of successfully deployed products, transforming networks into reliable systems.

  • In-Building Wireless Solutions

Optimizing Wireless Coverage and Capacity

Westell’s ClearLink® In-Building Wireless Solution delivers wireless coverage and capacity to enhance the customer experience while minimizing operating and capital costs.

  • Intelligent Site Management

Efficiently Managing Rapid Network Growth

Westell offers a comprehensive Intelligent Site Management Solution, tailored to service providers and tower operators dealing with rapid wireless network expansion. It integrates into all cell sites, new and existing, for efficient, secure monitoring, troubleshooting, and issue resolution.

  • Communication Network Solutions

Enhancing Network Coverage and Performance

Westell’s Communication Network Solutions expand cell site coverage, increase system capacity, and protect network equipment. These solutions are tailored for telecommunication service providers, cell tower operators, wireline, wireless, cable, utility, and other industrial network operators to reduce operating costs and improve performance.


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