Trylon specializes in developing, supplying and building wireless networks and in–building telecommunications systems and infrastructural support for energy production and transmission.

With 80 years of experience, both in Canada and internationally, Trylon has a proven track record for delivering innovative solutions and complete end–to–end project management and execution for its clients.

Stock Towers

Trylon supplies a range of stocked “lighter–duty” telecommunications towers available on demand through Alliance Corporation.

Where an immediate solution is required, these pre–engineered, ready–to–ship towers provide a cost–effective solution for light to medium–duty applications.

With many years of use in the field and regular refinement based on customer feedback, Trylon’s stock towers give customers the confidence that they are getting truly innovative structures that will meet their needs today.

To find out about the full range of Trylon products that are available on demand, talk to an Alliance Representative.

To determine which stock tower will best meet the needs of your project, please fill in our Tower Questionnaire (USA only). For all Canadian inquiries, please complete the Canadian Tower Loading Questionnaire or contact us.


Trylon’s SuperTitanKD bridges the cost gap between the lighter–weight Titan towers and more costly custom–designed towers.

The SuperTitanKD is a modular tower that can be built up to 58m (190 feet) high. Consisting of 21 standard sections, each 3m (10 feet) high, this modular system can be configured to create towers of varying heights and loading capacities. The SuperTitan KD design conforms to TIA and CSA standards and can be stamped by a professional engineer.

The SuperTitanKD is supplied knocked down and is assembled on site. Trylon has recently introduced new packaging for the SuperTitanKD which makes shipping even more cost effective.

This tower can also be supplied assembled to reduce installation time.

Trylon’s tower calculator and Alliance’s Engineers can help you determine the best height SuperTitanKD tower for your project. To find out more contact us.


Trylon’s new SuperTitanWeld has the same advantages in size and strength, modularity and documentation (P.E. stamped drawings) of the SuperTitanKD, but is significantly easier to assemble.

To minimize freight, every fifth section of tower can be nested. The SuperTitanWeld design reduces assembly time, potential errors and cost on site. It comes with a simpler, more efficient bolt connection, making installation even easier. The top can be configured in a straight, non–tapered fashion, making it ideal for WISP and SCADA applications.

SuperTitan MAX™

Designed using the same basic modular configuration as the SuperTitanKD model, the SuperTitan MAX features a wide range of heights and options for increasing strength and capacity.

The SuperTitan MAX is shipped in 5.8m (19 foot) sections which can be assembled to a maximum height of 76.5 m (251 feet), making it Trylon’s tallest self–supporting stocked tower.

P.E. stamped drawings are also available for this product line, making it a cost–effective alternative to a custom tower.

STG Series™

The STG Series of towers offers excellent flexibility for a wide range of applications.

An STG tower is available as a freestanding Self–Support Tower with heights up to 12m (40 feet), as a Bracketed Tower with heights up to 30m (100 feet) and as a Guyed Tower with heights up to 106m (350 feet). P.E. stamped drawings are available.


Trylon’s Titan tower has been a favourite in light duty applications for more than 30 years. With more than 15,000 Titan towers installed in North America, this model has been used for telemetry, satellite TV, wireless LAN, wireless Internet, mobile radio and amateur applications.

The Titan is a versatile, modular, pre–engineered tower that requires a minimal footprint and is available in heights ranging from 4.8 to 29m (16 to 96 feet).

Trylon’s tower calculator and Alliance’s Engineers can help you determine the best height Titan tower for your project. To find out more contact us.

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