R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG)

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari AG) is a leading Global cabling and connectivity solution provider for high end-communication networks since 1964. We serve a wide range of industries in the sectors of Local Area Networks, Data Centers and Public Networks. Our worldwide network of over 40 subsidiaries, 10 production sites, and 1000 qualified partners ensure proximity where ever you are. Customers and partners benefit from consistently high Swiss quality standards as well as our innovative future-proof solutions.

Its solutions are used by network operators, in office buildings, data centers, in apartments, as well as in industry. R&M is the market leader in Switzerland and belongs to the top players in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. R&M achieved sales of CHF 276.7 million in 2019, with 82% of that figure being generated overseas. The company is wholly owned by Martin and Peter Reichle.


A target oriented quality management system guarantees that continuous improvements are made to products, services, and processes. Customers and partners around the world benefit from the consistently high Swiss quality standards and our unwavering commitment to quality is reflected in our widely recognized certifications including EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The skill of our employees and in-depth expertise of all our market partners allow us to maintain high-quality levels.


Research and development are top priorities at R&M – since 1964 we have been pooling technological expertise in the fields of high-frequency technology and fiber optics. We are actively involved in shaping a number of international standards and are extremely quick to identify trends thanks to our sophisticated technology radar and close relationships with our customers and partners, allowing us to develop innovative products that are tailored to meet their needs. Our customers benefit from future-proof, modular solutions that ensure investments are protected in the long term.

Customer focus

R&M maintains long-term customer relationships across more than 40 local representations. Our focus on customers enables us to have a good understanding of their needs, which in turn leads to us developing specific, regional solutions. The feedback we receive is incorporated into product development, quality assurance, and process optimization, and projects are completed quickly and efficiently. Our services are rounded off with efficient key account management.


R&M strikes a balance between economic, ecological, and social factors, and has been characterized by its approach to sustainability since it was founded more than 50 years ago. R&M operates on the basis of exemplary ethical values, which is crucial for the company’s reputation, and consistently adheres to all applicable guidelines.


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