Microlab products are known worldwide for their superior performance and are considered the gold standard in RF and Microwave distribution systems. Microlab, A Wireless Telecom Group Company, founded in 1949, designs and manufactures high-performance components such as dividers, directional couplers and filters.

These components are generally:

  • Broadband – to allow future upgrades of enhanced wireless services
  • Low Loss – to increase signal strength for improved coverage
  • Low PIM – to minimize interference and improve system performance
  • In Stock – for Microlab’s Tier 1 off-the-shelf Shipment Program

Microlab products also include customized integrated solutions, neutral host DAS, Signal Conditioning, and active monitoring and control devices that are used for:

  • Combining high-powered signals from multiple carriers
  • High level monitoring and signal treatment
  • Cost-reduced usage of existing cellular infrastructure
  • Fully tested and qualified systems packaged in convenient rack trays

Microlab products are used in commercial applications such as:

  • Cellular telephone towers by the largest mobile phone service providers in the US and Europe
  • Base stations by the world’s largest suppliers of wireless infrastructure
  • GPS timing signal routing and extensions
  • In-building distributed antenna systems, DAS, by the largest installers
  • Wireless LAN service on the fastest trains in the world
  • Linear accelerator systems for cancer treatment
  • Public Safety in-building communication RF systems

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