MARS Antennas & RF Systems is a world-class antennas design and manufacturer, RF solutions provider and R&D Company which designs and manufactures cost-effective antenna solutions with exceptional performance.

Since 1994, MARS Antennas has been specializing in Outdoor & In-Building Multi Polarized Antennas.
Their directional & base station antennas are used in systems

  • LTE
  • WiMAX
  • Cellular
  • Mobile
  • MIMO
  • WLAN
  • Wi-Fi

Designed for fixed and mobile, stand alone or embedded applications, MARS antennas cover frequency ranges from 138MHz up-to 11 GHz, 24-30GHz.

MARS Antennas offers a wide range of various MIMO directional (CPE) and Sector (Base Station) antennas and a wide range of antennas for ISM & Special Applications, 802.11ax, embedded, LTE, Wi-Fi Repeaters and In-Building Cellular Repeaters.


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