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The leading manufacturer of broadband antennas and accessories. One of the fastest growing antenna manufacturers, KP Performance is rapidly establishing its position as a global player in the broadband industry.

When KP Performance Antennas started in 2008, everyone who came onboard our staff had previously been involved in the wireless industry; either as an Internet provider, manager, installer or tech support. Our extensive experience installing and providing wireless internet as a WISP gave us the experience needed to be able to design and make antennas that we know work in the field, “Guaranteed”.

We have been at the other end of the sale, trying to purchase a product that is reliable and performs well at a fair cost. KP Performance Antennas was founded on delivering just that, a product that truly does what we say it will. It is not only our goal but our mission. We don’t believe one product fits all and neither should you.


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