Gamma Electronics

Gamma Electronics is a manufacturer of a wide range of cable protection products and accessories. These include:

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  • RF and Tower weatherproofing solutions
  • Slide Locks
  • Weatherproof Boots
  • Magic Tape
  • Grounding Kits
  • RF attenuating Suppressor Boots.

Cold Shrink – No Heat Required Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing is a critical part of your cable installation that you don’t want to forget. Gamma Electronics manufactures a product called Cold Shrink – no heat required, (hence it’s name).  Cold Shrink is held in place by an inner plastic core that prevents it from shrinking down.  The plastic core is perforated to make for an easy removal.  Once you start pulling at it the plastic core it removes in seconds, allowing the Cold Shrink to reduce in size.


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