CE+T America

Innovative power solutions to keep your business running.

CE+T America is a spin-off of CE+T Power, a leading global power products company formed in 1936 with locations worldwide, including Belgium, China, India, and the USA. They design, manufacture, and bring to market energy management solutions and backup power systems for commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Formed in 2008, CE+T America provides turn-key power and energy management solutions for data centers, utilities, and commercial and industrial clients across North America. They offer products that reduce environmental footprint, maximize reliability and resilience, blend power seamlessly between various energy sources, integrate renewable energy, stored energy, and the grid, and provide energy management features combined with autonomy. Additionally, their products utilize dormant infrastructure to support the grid and save business owners money.

Key Figures:

  • 25,000+ Modules produced annually
  • 5 Factories globally
  • 5 R&D Centers for continuous product innovation

Their Values:

  1. Innovation: They invest in research and development annually to create innovative solutions. Furthermore, they continuously strive to enhance their products.
  2. Cost Effectiveness: Their products help clients save money by reducing energy losses, integrating renewable energies, and returning power to the grid. Moreover, they focus on cost-effective solutions.
  3. Quality: They continually improve product design and manufacturing in ISO 9001-certified factories, aiming for close to a 0% failure rate. Moreover, they prioritize quality assurance throughout their processes.
  4. Training: They have training centers globally to ensure proper installation and maintenance, crucial for a perfect, reliable system. Additionally, they prioritize comprehensive training for their team and partners.


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