From Nova base stations to Atom subscribers, Baicells provides our customers with the most economical and simple LTE products on the market. We will work with you to provide your subscribers with high-speed, reliable internet access, and expand your wireless coverage so you can boldly go where no ISP has gone before.

NOVA R9 Base Station Family

Powerful. Compact. Revolutionary.

Baicells introduces the Nova R9 Base Station – the most economical LTE solution that uses carrier grade technology to allow operators to increase their market reach. Quickly setup and deploy the Nova to an existing network by simply connecting the power and Ethernet ports. Manage it with an intuitive cloud OMC platform as the Nova R9 continues to optimize the network with SON technology.

NOVA R9 3.5GHz 1W (Band 42/43)

Small, robust, and designed to provide long distance outdoor coverage with LOS and NLOS applications. This Nova R9 LTE base station allows subscribers to continue to enjoy stable bit rates, low latency, and negligible jitter even with a high concentration of users.

NOVA R9 2.5GHz 10W (Band 41)

These 10W models provide the power to push the boundaries of your networks to drive signals to subscribers in virtually any outdoor situation. Available for 2.5GHz operations these base stations offer the same simplicity and economics, but in a more powerful form to push the envelope and boost your network to reach new subscribers.

ATOM R9 CPE Family

Simple. Advanced. Economical.

The Baicells Atom R9 CPEs are the most simple and efficient means to connect subscribers in virtually all situations. Our indoor and outdoor Atom models provide robust throughput to meet increasing demands in the current streaming market while providing a variety of models to support even your most creative applications. Designed for growth and expansion, the Atom will continue to support your network as future versions of LTE technology becomes available.

ATOM R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 19.5dBi (Band 42/43)

With this CPE’s 19.5dBi antenna design, we can get signal through the most punishing conditions. Baicells has specifically designed the Atom to provide the highest gain integrated antenna available on the LTE market to connect your customers anywhere they may be.

ATOM R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 11dBi (Band 41 & 42/43)

We created this model Atom with a wider beam to effectively collect nearby reflection to maximize short-range NLOS connectivity. This is also the most economical CPE available in the current LTE market.

ATOM R9 Indoor 3.5GHz 5dBi (Band 40/41 & 42/43)

Whether high-density MDUs, campuses, stadiums, kiosk applications or other events this CPE will bring LTE connectivity while minimizing truck rolls. Equipped with a built-in WiFi router, SIP client, and 4 Ethernet ports, it’s an all-in-one CPE that is able to replace multiple network components.



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