What is CBRS and why should you care? [Webinar]

September 18th, 2018

Wednesday September 26 @ 2PM EST

Join Alliance Corporation and Redline Communications for some seriously, big news in this CBRS webinar presented by Patrick Leary. Patrick is well-known in the wireless industry and he’s an expert on the CBRS guidelines. He has worked closely with the FCC and has been deeply engaged in CBRS thought leadership from its beginning in December 2012.



The CBRS band – Citizens Broadband Radio Service – is spectrum that has been reallocated to advance broadband deployment. 3.55-3.7 GHz will be re-worked to permit commercial use.
We expect that the FCC regulations around the CBRS will be released soon.
During this webinar, Patrick will explain and answer questions about:
  1. What is the CBRS?
  2. What does it mean to you as an operator?
  3. What does it mean to anyone with equipment currently operating in 3.65GHz?
  4. How does Priority Access work?
  5. What do all these abbreviations mean? SAS, PAL, ESC
  6. How much will a license cost?
  7. Who will get licenses?
  8. What is a Professional Installer and why is that important?